MedScan for Hospitals

MedSec is excited to offer MedScan, a software solution which identifies and assesses the cybersecurity of medical devices on a hospital’s network.

Why MedScan?

Typical security tools must deliberately skip medical devices, as they are considered highly sensitive and may be inadvertently or negatively affected.

MedScan is 100% passive scanning, there is no risk of affecting device behavior, or affecting network performance

MedScan continuously identifies and profiles connected medical devices, allowing full inventory control and facilitating security management

MedScan was designed exclusively for the health care community, which means it understands the unique regulations and use environments of healthcare and medical devices

Because of the custom proprietary protocols in many medical devices, it’s often difficult for IT departments to know which devices are even on the network. Traditional enterprise scanning tools fail to identify medical devices in many instances because of these proprietary protocols. MedScan replaces the need for hospitals to devote dedicated and specialized hospital IT staff to the monitoring and management of medical devices.

ENUMERATE the medical devices on the network

Get a list of all your medical devices, for easy medical device asset inventory. Device details can include the current IP address, Make, Model, Manufacturer, Serial number, software version, MAC address

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MONITOR your medical device threat vectors

Get a live view of the medical devices on your network

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LEARN what encryption protects the data

For all connections see what encryption cipher is in use, if any. Uncover which medical devices are sharing information insecurely

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DISCOVER where data is being sent

See details on all of the connections being made by medical devices.

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UNCOVER abnormal behavior

Detailed reporting includes detailed information on all devices, including abnormal behavior

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DETERMINE if a device needs to be patched

See details of devices including the current software version

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INTEGRATE with other asset management and network security tools

We understand the desire to integrate with other tools you may already have in house. All information within MedScan can be exported for easy integration with other platforms

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And more! Ready to see MedScan in action?

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