The leading vulnerability research and security solutions provider for healthcare manufacturers, vendors, and providers.

MedSec analyzes the quality and security of technology solutions in the medical device and healthcare industries. We advise and partner with leading device manufacturers and healthcare delivery organizations to continuously improve quality, reliability and security for medical devices from early development through end of life.

Secure Your Devices and Software Ecosystem

Medical Device Manufacturer Services

Dedicated to securing medical devices and medical ecosystems. MedSec is a unique worldwide company with a team of highly technical cybersecurity experts dedicated to securing medical devices and equipment.

Meet the FDA 510k expectations with a Cybersecurity risk assessment that follows AAMI-TIR 57, which closely parallels ISO 14971 for seamless integration into your safety risk management.

Our team of cybersecurity experts can perform a Vulnerability Assessment or Penetration Test on your medical device, or medical device ecosystem. Because MedSec specializes in medical devices, we understand the unique regulatory environment, operating environments, and use cases.

The MedSec team has expertise in a wide variety of cybersecurity domains, and can assit in the development of new cybersecurity controls, or the review of an existing design.

A key component of addressing cybersecurtiy in medical device design, is the creation of processes, proedures, and quality system integration. MedSec has experience integrating all aspects of cybersecurity into a device manufacturers processes.

Protect Your Clinical Networks

Healthcare Provider Solutions

MedScan by MedSec is a software solution that continuously identifies and assesses the cybersecurity of medical devices on a hospital’s network.

Protect Your Clinical Networks

Healthcare Provider Services

MedSec brings their medical device expertise to healthcare providers, to develop unique security controls for healthcare specific technology deployments and to deliver information security services to build resiliency within the healthcare ecosystem.

Healthcare provider systems are often proprietary, requiring unique industry specific tools and skillsets to analyze and secure. We have leveraged our relationships working with vendors to cover the core areas of the attack surface where many healthcare organizations are targeted.

Penetration testing will help identify and remove opportunities, or attack vectors, available to attackers who are targeting an organization. MedSec performs penetration testing and works with healthcare providers to address results via standard and custom fixes.

For those institutions that are interested in greatly reducing and possibly eliminating the likelihood of a breach, rather than standalone solutions, we offer a MedSec Security Maturity Review.

MedSec has partnered with leading Managed Security Service Providers and security monitoring technology solutions providers to offer 24/7 monitoring solutions.

"As the FDA continues to prioritize cyber security, so too must industry manufacturers and healthcare providers."

Justine Bone