MedSec welcomes Andy Ducharme


MedSec welcomes Andy Ducharme to their team. Andy's focus will be Vendor Security Services. He will be the key advisor and primary liaison for MedSec's medical device manufacturer clients throughout their product development cycle. As VP of Services he will be responsible for the design and implementation of new business strategies, plans and procedures.

Andy brings over 15 years of security experience and has worked with highly recognized healthcare manufacturer companies in their quest for security and their client's security measures from vulnerability assessments to ISO27001 certifications. He has worked at major IT security companies IBM Security Services, British Telecom, Verizon Business/CyberTrust and boutique security companies such as IOActive, Principal Security Group and Vibren Technologies.

We are excited to have Andy join the MedSec team. He is available to speak with our medical device partners directly at (617) 448-5050.

Welcome Andy!

Violet Morris Cybersecurity Healthcare Solutions Director MedSec
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Violet Morris
Cybersecurity Healthcare Solutions Director

Violet Morris joins the MedSec team with 20 years of healthcare experience in medical device sales, training and management. As Cybersecurity Healthcare Solutions Director, Ms. Morris leads the team to senior healthcare executives for their medical device eco-system's security solutions. Her expertise includes a background in biotech product launches, process improvement, sales positioning and clinical development to healthcare delivery organizations.

Ms. Morris spent the last 11 years as CEO at Mystic Medical directing neuro-spine, orthopedic, biologic and cardiac device portfolios. Her sales accomplishments, clinical mentoring and strategic leadership helped position several biotech device start-ups which led to acquisitions such as St. Francis Medical Technologies / Kyphon in 2006 for $725 million, Kyphon / Medtronic in 2007 for $3.9 billlion and Lanx / Biomet Spine in 2013 for $147 million.

Ms. Morris is a forward thinker, passionate about patient care and has a professional mission to make healthcare a safer environment. "It's time to move the healthcare needle forward and make a strong commitment to medical device safety. Working with a specialized IT tech company such as MedSec, couldn't have come at a better time for healthcare professionals to implement the 'gold standard' of care in medical device security."