Coverage of the launch of MedScan, MedSec’s medical device cybersecurity and asset management tool.

This tool aids hospitals in identifying and managing the cybersecurity risk of connected medical devices on their network.

March 03, 2018 – Introducing a cybersecurity and asset management tool, that will help identify and manage the cybersecurity risk of medical devices on a hospitals network. MedScan does this by monitoring the hospitals network, identifying connected devices and watching the behavior and state of that device, whether it's software is out of date, if its behaving erratically, or if it is or is not encrypting data.

MedScan is set to launch in Las Vegas in March of 2018. It is already being piloted at three major hospitals and has received positive feedback from their cybersecurity and IT teams.

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Stephanie Domas
VP of Research & Development

Stephanie Domas is Vice President of Research and Development at MedSec. In this role, she leads the development of cybersecurity products and services to support healthcare delivery organizations and medical device manufactures on design, architecture, verification, security risk management, regulatory filings, penetration testing, and execution of security best practices in the development of medical devices as well as vulnerability and asset management of connected medical devices in healthcare delivery organizations. Ms. Domas is a registered Professional Engineer (PE) in the state of Ohio, and a Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH). She sits on several standards committees involved in furthering cybersecurity for medical products, she has given a TEDx talk on medical product security and frequently publishes articles on healthcare cybersecurity topics.