An interview with our CEO, Justine Bone and Cylance, Inc.

Securing a hospitals infrastructure starts with network asset management.

August 30, 2018- Our CEO Justine Bone explains in this interview with Cylance, inc. that the first step to securing a hospital’s network is by monitoring the network, to know exactly what devices are on the network and what are they doing.

She goes on to say medical device security comes with many challenges and MedSec is approaching the solution from unique angles based on the device, as cybersecurity in healthcare is unlike other industries. Medical devices and hospitals cannot just rely on “Security by obscurity” any longer.

To watch the interview:
Cylance, Inc.

Photo by: Brudersohn
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Richard Oak
Technology Lead

Richard Oak is Technology Lead at MedSec where he focuses primarily on the development of secure products for the healthcare industry. Prior to MedSec, he served as a lead cyber security specialist for BAE Systems Applied Intelligence, where he served a critical role in the development of highly innovative, technical solutions for the UK government. Mr. Oak has also served a number of key roles at QinetiQ (one of the UK's leading defence research companies) where he developed a number of novel, patent-protected security technologies, and supported the deployment of these technologies to various arms of the UK military and Ministry of Defence. Patented technologies include a novel method for distributing quantum cryptography keys within an optical star network and BreakWall - a network device that provides an "IP-Break", preventing the spread of low level network attacks.